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The Sixth Sense of Orange Love (Criminal Psychology) Private

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He knows very well what kind of person Lu is. The intelligence quotient is higher than the sky, the emotional quotient is lower than the dust, and they do not understand the ways of the world at all. Emotionally, he is more overbearing and direct. He used to want him to disappear directly in front of them, why today took the initiative to get into his car, willing to eat with him, but also suddenly mentioned Ning Haoran? Lin Xiaobo pondered over it carefully and suddenly realized that he was obviously thinking about Ning Cheng. But what was the life-and-death danger he had encountered that required him to think about these things as if he were arranging his funeral? He knew that he could not ask anything, so he felt angry and stood up, "Lu, you are not God, you can decide the fate of others at will, and I am not Ning Cheng's spare tire.". Feelings are not gifts, they can be sent back and forth. Don't go to the desert island. I'll go by myself. Lin Xiaobo finished, turned and strode out of the restaurant. Lu watched his back disappear in the doorway, before long, Ning Cheng went and returned, has been sitting down beside him, holding a fresh lemon in his hand, he came to his senses, staring at the lemon in her hand, the heart suddenly throbbed. He was familiar with such pain, and every time he saw her tortured by hallucinations that could not be explained, he felt his heart like a lemon cut by a knife,aluminium laminated tube, kneaded, and finally squeezed out the most sour and even bitter juice. Ning Cheng helped him squeeze the lemon juice and urged him to eat quickly. Looking at his bad face, I don't know what happened to him and Lin Xiaobo during her departure. She met Lin Xiaobo downstairs, the same cold face, only said that he would take people to the desert island, let them go home first, and left angrily. After dinner, when they got home, they still didn't talk much. They washed up and went to bed early. Their sleeping posture continued their sitting posture of back head to back head in the car,empty lotion tubes, back to back.