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She's glamorous and dangerous. Professional

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"There are guests in the room, and there is no separation," Ni said lazily, painting lip grease on the bronze mirror. The little girl outside knocked on the door even more fiercely. She shouted anxiously,smart board interactive whiteboard, "Mom said don't worry about Mr. Hong. The guests upstairs paid one thousand and two!" Ni Wei's body and heart instinctively trembled. Ni Kui frowned and felt a slight sigh. Once the daughter of Li Fu and the mother of a country, she could love money so much and be short of money. Why did she end up in a brothel? Because there is no money. It's so realistic. A beautiful woman since childhood, in such troubled times, no identity alone out of the palace, what can be the end? She was rich, and she bought a small yard. However,interactive flat panel display, the wicked man deceived her into celibacy and climbed over the wall in the middle of the night. Neighborhood women are jealous of her beauty, sarcastic and framed. She has a beautiful face, but also a face that can bring her countless persecutions in this troubled times. Yan Niang! Yan Niang! Did you hear that! Mom told you to hurry up! "I know, I'm going." Ni Kui looked at the face in the bronze mirror and smiled. Offer one thousand and two to see her, and still in the top room? She seems to know who is coming. But she wasn't going to meet the man. She glanced at Weng Hong lying on the ground, got up and left the room in a hurry. Yan Niang is the signboard of Xiangyu Building, and even her mother can't force her to receive guests. Of course, she is not so willful to refuse to accept customers. She wants money. Money, money, touch screen board classroom ,digital interactive whiteboard, money! How many men are deterred by her price. When she came down slowly from upstairs, the men in the hall were all staring at her.  You don't want to see me. Ni Wei reclined in the doorway with his arms folded and a gentle smile at the corners of his mouth. "Am I so terrible?" The coda rises slightly. Her voice fell into Luo Meng's ears, as if a feather had fallen lightly in his heart, crisp and numbing. She was dressed in red, and the gauze material covered her body, graceful and graceful. A gust of wind blew gently, bringing up her skirt,65 inch smart board, and the red gauze brushed back against her legs, showing the outline of a pair of jade legs. These legs.. He once touched.. Luo Meng hurriedly did not open his eyes: "No, no..." 。

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Car Brand Alfa Romeo