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Recommend [Suspense Reasoning] Live Script Kill [Unlimited] Private

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Jin Shouzuo did not make a sound and took a subconscious look at Yun Xiangu. Cloud fairy thought, but also opened his mouth: "This is a side task.". Forget it. Let me get this straight. Anyway, what we conspired to do is almost exposed. We have to deal with the other leaders, which has been planned for a long time. "I have been in charge of the repair of the Qingqiong Sect recently. Many temples are old and need to be repaired.". I took advantage of this opportunity to walk around and carelessly put some stakes and stones to deploy the array. They actually found the evidence in my place just now. "The formation in Tushouzuo was the first to be laid out, and only the last step was needed.". The rest of the first one is not fully formed yet. After seeing the prophecy at 8:45 p.m., Kim Shouzuo went to my place and discussed it with me. So that night, in fact, I also ambushed near the bamboo house of the evil disciple. I went earlier than Fengxiangu. I arrived at 10 P. m. I am proficient in Qimen Dun Jia, but I am not good at martial arts. I can't kill the evil disciple directly. As I wandered around, I thought about what to do. I also saw the prophecy on the Xuanji Stone. So I guessed that someone would attack the evil disciple, so I just hid in the dark and watched. "Besides, since I can use array to kill people, and if Jin Shouzuo uses magic, it will expose his identity, so even if we want to kill evil,eye cream packaging tube, we will slowly deploy array, let him die invisible, rather than directly assassinate him." "Anyway, at one o'clock in the morning, the head of the earth went to kill the evil disciples, and I saw it." "Besides,empty cosmetic tubes, unlike Feng Xiangu, who has a deep study of the art and can recognize that the man is the head of the earth, I don't know that it's the earth, but I know that it's a man in night clothes." "I saw that the shadow on the window had fallen down. The evil disciple was probably dead, so Jin and I didn't have to kill him any more. We just spent our energy on dealing with the rest of the first seat." 

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