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Recommend [Horror Reasoning] Death Poisonous Corpse (Male Frequency) Professional

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Xia Buer scratched his scalp and couldn't help him. The angry and ashamed snake  What's more, everyone regarded Li Xuezhu as his girl. Who else could they find if they didn't find him for revenge? Wait! Your brother did let me die, but what does your family have to do with me. Xia Buer looked puzzled, and the snake said angrily,ultrasonic handheld welder, "You framed my brother as an infected person. Not only was my father dismissed and locked up, but my sister and my mother were all taken away. They all died in the isolation room in the end. If I hadn't been recruited as a researcher by the army, I would have died with them!" Xia Buer didn't know whether to laugh or cry and said, "You can't pull out this shit. Blame the earth for not being attractive. If you do this,ultrasonic metal welding, you have to go to the big boss to settle accounts. He sent people to spread the corpse poison, and he also made the Prometheans. Mutants are the culprits!" "Don't give me sophistry. All my family died because of you.  As soon as he looked up,ultrasonic molten metal, he saw the remaining two thorns coming at the same time. One left and one right attacked Xia Buer. But Xia Buer, who was bathed in blood all over, was not afraid of death at all. He actually brandished the spear of the corpse claw and rushed back to go out. He directly collided with the thorns. Whoo ~ Gao Dayao was so frightened that she covered her mouth with tears streaming down her face. Only then did she understand what the King of Immortality was. Xia Buer had two sharp thorns in his body and could still fight in blood. The whole underground tomb was filled with his roar. The vigorous man's breath rushed into Gao Dayao's body and made her hair stand up all over her body. Yah!!! 。

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