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Princess Chang wants to rebel every day [wear the book] Private

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Because of the prediction of the tragic ending, she had a tortuous life experience and wanted to rebel every day to protect herself. As a result, the rebellion failed and she lost herself to her nominal emperor's brother. Finally, the two of them joined hands to pacify the world, and the emperors and empresses looked at Haiyan River together. The story is relaxed and humorous, the characters are vivid and distinctive, and the protagonists grow up together in one event after another, from mutual suspicion to mutual trust, which makes people admire the people who cherish the country and the world and expect good feelings. It is a warm and pleasant story. Chapter 1 Wedge I was exiled by the system? An Xiao has been writing for five years in Jinjiang. She didn't expect to be exiled by the Jinjiang system in the sixth year. Last night, she finished writing the full text in one breath, thinking about the cruel and miserable life of the heroine, she couldn't help laughing up to the sky for three minutes, and then went to sleep happily with the tearful expressions of the readers. She likes to write sadistic articles, because she feels that life is already so bitter, so it is better to let others suffer a little more. After abusing the female partner,cosmetic plastic tube, she abuses the male partner, and after abusing the male partner, she abuses the female partner. In hand this is serializing "the long princess" is abuses the dog blood extremely, hearty dripping wet, abuses own writing spring of thought, one breath wrote the big ending. Then he put it in the storage box and cheated the reader's tears after it was published. She was in a good mood and slept soundly. When I woke up,plastic laminated tube, the weather changed. The plain white gauze curtain, the yellow ever-burning lamp, the dull benzoin, the sad music and crying sound that hurt the heart and lungs far and near. This scene is so familiar. An Xiao rubbed his dizzy head and found himself lying on a bed, big and wide, delicate and soft bedding, everything is good, but not the bed he is familiar with. Where is this place? She was about to slap herself to see if she was dreaming when she heard a strange voice: "Don't beat yourself up. You're not dreaming. You're in exile." Then a little white cat walked gracefully up to her through the layers of gauze and tried to jump into her lap. 

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