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Picked up the sick prince Professional

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And he's exposed because of a stupid woman who doesn't know what she looks like? It's more because of Xie Yun, but Yu Qiao won't tell him. I know some things from her, "Yu Qiao sure to Sima Liu Yu Dao, so his so-called prophet in front of Yu Qiao, no use at all,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox," the premise of cooperation is honest, I tell you frankly, how does the prince see? " Yu Qiao's words ended a little quickly. Sima Liuruo didn't hear anything except that he knew that Qi Huang hated Yu Qiao for no reason. But her brother Sima Liuyu was obviously not. His face was expressionless and it was difficult to explore the depth. He was thinking. General Yu should not be short of a guest house. I need some time to think about it and talk to you again. "Naturally," Yu Qiao nodded, took Xie Yun's hand and got up, nodded to their brother and sister, and went out of the elegant room on the top floor of the tavern first. After that, let Dong Wei handle the placement of Sima Liuyu's brother and sister. Sima Liuyu did not show it, but he was in a mess, especially under Yu Qiao's eyes. He had self-respect and was unwilling to let Yu Qiao see through his embarrassment and embarrassment. Xie Yun is led by Yu Qiao, the mood is better suddenly, Yu Qiao throws the pot on Qi Huang son body, that is to his maintenance. But he can also understand Sima Liuyu's mind, but at the beginning let Yu Qiao feel wrong, really because of Qi Huang son, that stupid and self-righteous woman, he and Yu Qiao frankly, can not have any embarrassment and embarrassment, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,micro gear motor, Yu Qiao reluctant to let him so. Xie Yun at this time to recall the things in the pool at the bottom of the mountain, only that kind of warm feeling. A Qiao didn't eat anything just now, "Xie Yun looked at Yu Qiao with some worry. He thought about it and added," Dandan said that a Qiao must eat well and sleep well. " Stone eggs all know the truth, but Yu Qiao has been telling him. Yu Qiao Wen Yan suddenly stopped, turned around, and directly threw Xie Yun behind him in his cloth pocket.Yu Qiao Wen Yan knocked Xie Yun on the shoulder again, "what to hit." Xie Yun suddenly nodded, thinking he understood, "not that." It's the kind of fight that Joe always wanted. Although he also wanted the other one, they hadn't had sex for almost two months. Xie Yun's eyes were full of desire and dissatisfaction, until Yu Qiao could not resist knocking his forehead again and muttering, "Stupid." Xie Yun has decided not to fight back, scold not to let Yu Qiao vent his anger, still a confused look, but also did not refute, "Yes, I am stupid, a Qiao don't get angry with me." Xie Yun looked closely at Yu Qiao,Brushless Gear Motor, Yu Qiao hummed again, but where can he still get angry. She thought for a moment and said, "Pay up and we'll go back." 。

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