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Mo Xiao of Rebirth Professional

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He stood up and said to Xuanyuan, "I'm going back. Go to bed early." Xuanyuan nodded and watched Mo Xiao leave,large ficus tree, his pupils shrank slightly, and after a long time, he sighed with an inaudible sigh. Was her reaction a refusal? That being the case, I really can't open my mouth again. If I push too hard, it will backfire. As Xuanyuan thought at the moment, Mo Xiao walked on the way back and could not help but begin to think about what she was thinking about Xuanyuan, but she did not understand it, the only thing she could be sure of was that she had absolutely no love for Xuanyuan. She doesn't have that kind of feeling for anyone. She is not young, and she has experienced it. Love is just like that. When she gets over it,silk ficus tree, she feels that she doesn't need to care about it. So very satisfied with the present life, and, if she obeyed the demon one, he can not monopolize the brother?  Although I couldn't really hear it, I knew who it was. When Mo Xiao pushed the door and went in, he saw his brother and the demon sitting around the table turning around at the same time, showing a slight smile. The demon raised his hand and said, "Hey, faux ficus tree ,large artificial blossom trees, you're back.". Why is it so late today? Do you want to have a midnight snack? Mo Chu under the chicken soup noodles, oh, you will not come, he did not allow me to move chopsticks. Mo Chu smiled and rubbed the top of her hair. "Do you remember what my brother said at the beginning?"? Now or that sentence, I will accompany you, forever. "Forever?" "Forever." Mo Xiao sniffed and pressed back something that she wanted to come out, otherwise she was afraid that she could not help losing face. Looked outside the door, eyes slightly flash, Mo Xiao said: "that, we two line?"? Don't be a demon. Mo Chu is stupefied,artificial coconut palm trees, nod immediately: "Listen to Mo Xiao." "My brother has been so gentle with him recently that I'm jealous." The demon eavesdropping outside the door listened to this one by one, and immediately knew what Mo Chu's next answer was. Where was he still in the mood to eavesdrop? He immediately pushed the door and came in and said, "Can't I say no more?" 。

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