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I am the only immortal _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt novel paradise Private

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However,wholesale plastic pallet, the lotus that had been holding her before stayed in midair, and when the figure of Guanyin Bodhisattva disappeared from it, the lotus was broken into two parts from the center. Although Mingsheng's broken Buddha knife failed to hit Guanyin Bodhisattva severely, Guanyin Bodhisattva could not completely resolve it. One knife decides victory or defeat, and there is no point in fighting any more. The moonstone exclaimed, "What a strong way to break the Buddha's sword. The cultivation of the underworld is more diligent." Tianqin said indifferently: "I said that they would not have a third victory.". There are no distracting thoughts in the heart of the underworld. He is practicing at all times. His cultivation is second only to mine in the underworld. Moonstone's body shook slightly, and he naturally understood the meaning of Tianqin's words. Ming Sheng appeared for the purpose of shock and awe. A flash of light and shadow, a slender immortal fluttered out,foldable bulk container, a flash of white light in his hand, more than a ruler to wake up, "We play the fifth game." It was the immortal emperor who suddenly flew out. Primitive Tianzun slightly stupefied, he did not let the immortal emperor fight, at this time, he can clearly feel the immortal emperor exudes a strong momentum, it is even their own can not be compared. Moonstone sneers, "a good immortal emperor, as expected will seize the opportunity.". Several of our stronger players have come out, and he wants to take advantage of it. Emperor, please allow me to fight for the underworld. There was a strong light of hatred in Tianqin's eyes. "Immortal Emperor, so he is Immortal Emperor.". You don't have to fight this battle. The shadow flashed and the lyre fluttered out. The next moment, she had appeared in front of the immortal emperor. The immortal emperor really seized the opportunity to fight, although he was very confident of himself, but did not dare to look down on the underworld. Before he played, he had already considered clearly that Tianqin, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet manufacturer, as the Lord of the underworld, would play in the most crucial games, and that the powerful underworld and the King of the underworld had already played. What you have to face, at most, will be the moon stone.