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Guilty Concubine Private

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"That's for sure, so you still have to persuade the empress to drink it." "Alas, the ruler of the country is really cruel to the empress." "Don't talk nonsense, otherwise, your head and mine will be gone." Dialogue, no doubt, is Cai Taiyi and Li Xue. She subconsciously retreated, she clearly did not kick anything, but clearly there is the sound of broken porcelain, sounded behind her feet. Who Author's digression: When I finished yesterday, I saw a big word "snowdrift". If the word "snowdrift" was used, I could actually write a lot of words about feeding in the latter part. But considering that there was too much love, I used the eunuch's line of sight to brush it off. And I send more words in each chapter, which is to make up for the adjective in the text. Xi and Yu from acquaintance, know each other, to today's love, must be to use some ink, otherwise it will appear that this emotional precipitation is very thin, the future plot unfolding, very abrupt. It is necessary to advance the plot, but the precipitation of love is also indispensable. As for the part of Xi Lin Shu, he explained three plots,pump tube, one was foreshadowing, one was explaining the chapter of Bu Jing, and the other was taking care of the chapter of Mu Fang'an. After thinking about it all afternoon, I started to mark the title later (the reason why I didn't mark it at the beginning was that I was a famous title party, so I didn't note it for fear of getting bricks again). In this way, it is convenient for you to choose to see, OK? [95] Ending Volume Kui Dragon Lock Qi Feng Drunken Lie Jun Huai Xiao 219 How can you read a novel without a beautiful woman?-Yaya Xiu Beauty Photo Gallery End Time Travel Novel Recommendation: The Imperial Concubine can't Wear: The Imperial Concubine Is a Minor & # 32; Time Travel Becomes a Little Stepmother & # 32; Crossing to Marry a Crazy Concubine & # 32; Demon Butterfly Dance : Purple Eyes Princess & # 32; Miraculous Doctor Imperial Concubine Ghost King's Poisonous Concubine & # 32; How can My Husband Be a Rich Young Man & # 32; Maidservant & # 32; Here Comes the Beauty : Fake Love Concubine, don't Run Away & # 32; Super Evil Charm President, What a Scoundrel & # 32; Marry a Little Husband in Ancient Times & # 32; & # 32; & # 33; & # 33; Ending Volume Kui Dragon Lock Qifeng Drunken Lie Jun Huai Smile 219 Chapter 34 As he stepped back,eye cream packaging tube, he was caught off guard and stepped on the broken piece of porcelain on the ground. The piece of porcelain pierced his heel and was very painful. However, this pain, but the bottom of my heart, suddenly cut the pain. Alas, the ruler of the country is really cruel to the empress.