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Boost your ad with AdsLynk Premium Features

Posting an ad on AdsLynk is free, but we give users the option to increase their visibility and receive more enquiries by offering a variety of options.

What is a Premium Ad?

Premium ad is nothing but paid ads that give you the option to make your ad to always appear at the top of the list of ads (in the Premium ads section). It will help you to promote your product or service by getting you more visibility with your clients or buyers and you can sell what you want faster.

Why should I choose Premium Ad option?

Premium ads help you to get more visibility as compared to other ads, by which your products or service gets faster response from the consumers. If you have a Website, paid ads for your website will help you to get instant traffic. Please contact us if you have questions like "How to place paid ads for my website."

Types of Premium Ads and what are they?

There are three types of premium ads in They are,

  1. Platinum
  2. Gold
  3. Silver

How much do I pay for Premium Ads on

Premium ads on are charged at different rates based on the type of Premium ad you want. The ads can be upgraded and renewed anytime you wish.

  • Platinum Rs. 699/- for 1 Year
  • Gold Rs. 499/ for 6 months
  • Silver Rs. 299/ for 3 months

How do I pay for Premium Ads on

Currently, we offer Paytm wallet  Transfer option for Premium ads.

When does the Premium Ad get active once I have paid?

All Premium ads go live to the website after 24 hours of the money being transferred.

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