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Drunk pillow rivers and mountains Private

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Aunt Pei walked to her daughter's side, but she didn't even look at her. She just glanced at Yang Fan and then looked at the ancient girl standing beside him. She said slowly, "This girl is practicing the skill of killing people.". If it's a contest, you can defeat her in thirty strokes. If it's a life-and-death contest, she can kill you in twenty strokes! When Aunt Pei said this, Gongsun Lanzhi did not dare to refute it. She just hung her head and answered in a low voice, "Yes." Aunt Pei added, "This is still a face-to-face competition. If she is allowed to use her skills to deal with you by means of assassination, she won't even be able to use five strokes." Gongsun Lanzhi was disgraced by what Lao Niang said. She complained in a low voice, "Ah Niang.." "Aunt Pei has a good eye," said Yang Fan with a smile. Aunt Pei smiled and said, "You have a good eye. You can see at a glance that Lanzhi is no match for this girl. Your martial arts are much better than both of them." Yang Fan beamed and said, "I'm flattered. In fact, Yang Fan didn't see anything. She's just her own woman. Of course, she has to hold it and coax it." Gu Zhuting glanced at him with shame and joy, while Gongsun Lanzhi gave him a white look with hatred. "Aunt Pei turned to Gongsun Lanzhi with a straight face and said,wholesale plastic pallet," What are you doing here? Gongsun Lanzhi said shyly, "Daughter.." Daughter originally. Looking at her face, she seemed to remember that she was not here to fight today, but to be a mediator. Aunt Pei snorted coldly and glanced at the disarmed knights with their hands hanging down. "Go back!" She said to Gongsun Lanzhi. "Ah Niang!" Cried Gongsun Lanzhi. "Go home at once," shouted Aunt Pei. "Are you going to make your parents so angry?" GongSunLanZhi a throw sleeve, angrily left. Aunt Pei glanced at Yang Fan again and turned away. Sitting in a wheelchair,collapsible pallet box, Yang Fan arched his hands and said with a smile, "See Aunt Pei off!" Aunt Pei walked up to the knights who had been controlled by the arrows and said coldly, "Go back and tell your masters that the Gongsun family belongs to Guanlong and has always been rejected and suppressed by them. 

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