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Don't flirt. Professional

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Until the door of the private room was pushed open again, her eyes lit up, and the degree of intimacy when she went up to meet Beichu was even better than before, and even made people feel a little flattering. The smell of perfume and powder came from outside the door. The woman wearing sunglasses outside the door wore a delicate strapless skirt and a black leather coat on her shoulders, revealing her good figure. Tang Yili stepped forward and took a woman's hand as if she were holding Beichu. "It's not easy for our big star to show up today." Hearing Tang Yili's words, Beichu recognized who the woman was. Mu Yan, the central figure of Tang Yili's small circle in high school, outdoor digital signage displays , led by her, the discussion behind the comments of the gathered little sisters on Beichu, can circle the earth three times. Adhering to the principle of ignoring old grudges, Beichu continued to drink her water without saying a word. Muyan took off his sunglasses and glanced at Beichu in the corner as if he had no intention of doing so. He smiled at Tang Yili and said, "Where can I not come? Isn't this my treat?" "Ha ha ha, of course it's our big star's treat!" Tang Yili exulted, "recently signed VK, live more moist ah?" Hearing the name "VK", Beichu rarely focused his attention on the past. VK has a tendency to develop in the entertainment circle recently. Under the operation of Fu Xingzhou, everything goes smoothly and unstoppable all the way. This is only when she usually chat with Fu Xingzhou to understand a little related trends, Muyan in the inside, she is completely unaware. Anyone with a discerning eye could feel that VK's future was limitless. Listening to this, both of them began to compliment Muyan, which made Muyan feel good and sit on the empty main seat with arrogant steps. It's a reunion, but secretly it's just an occasion for Muyan to be in the limelight. Beichu's heart is transparent, and he is too lazy to pay attention to the eyes that come from the main seat from time to time. He follows others to move his chopsticks and concentrates on the food in front of him. She doesn't want to be in the limelight, she wants to keep a low profile, but some people don't allow it. " Beichu's eyelids jumped, and a name in her heart was ready to come out, and she pressed it back. We agreed to work overtime. That guy won't come, will he? The door of the private room slowly opened to the maximum, and the man outside the door stood tall and straight, quite unruly and wanton. "Here, here!" Mu Yan waved to the place as if he were familiar with it. Putting down her hand, she showed off and said, "You can't remember Fu Ershao, who was all-powerful in those days, can you?" Suddenly, there was silence. After all, that is the real big brother, so no one expected that Fu Xingzhou would appear today.

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